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Weekly Meetings/What We Do

FAA hosts weekly meetings with top firms in the world and discuss topics that go far beyond accounting.


Each Monday at 12pm, FAA brings in firms to talk more about the profession and network with our members. See our weekly newsletter for details on our first GBM and game night on September 10. We hope to see you there! Additionally, see the button below for a complete list of FAA events this semester.

Special Events

Each semester, FAA hosts fun special events that allow members to interact with each other in a casual setting. From Phillies games, to bowling, to our annual potluck, FAA provides a diverse array of events that welcomes all members.

Community Serivice

FAA prides itself in its committment in giving back to the community we live in. We are involved with MANNA, Philabundance, Ronald McDonald House, Philadelphia street cleanups, and much more. Participating in community service is a requirement in achieving the status of active or distinguished member.

Professional Events

FAA is committed in developing well rounded business professionals. Throughout the semester, the organization participates in professional events such as the Accounting Connection, the Fall and Spring Connection, office tours, the Accounting Awards Banquet, and our very own signature panels.


FAA hosts a variety of fundraising events throughout the semester such as waffle sales, baked goods sales, tie sales, and Chipotle. These events are a great way to support the organization and get  to know fellow members and officers.


Each semester, the FAA officer team brings in members that form committees for specific poistions such as fundraising, special events, community service, and more. These committees give members the chance to shadow and work with fellow officers, and get hands on experience so that they can hopefully take on the position themselves one day. Check back later in the semester for more details on joining a committee.

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